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Heloo guys,rasanya ramai dah tahu pasal "Crazy Sales" neh.Mana yang tak tahu lagi,sila ambil tahu! So pendekkan cerita,harineh bangun tidur dikejutkan dengan gile punya promosi dari lowyat. Dengan bertemakan "Crazy Sales" mmg agak boleh gila kalau tengok harga yang ditawarkan! Sapa boleh tahan kalau harga IPad 2 below then RM1K? And Plasma TV only just RM450! Hell,im so excited!Syarat menyertai,haruslah beli barangan dari kedai2 terpilih sekurang2nya RM50 dan keatas.Here image below:

Withdraw duit,terus rush ke Times Square (Parking) and rushing buy some item (i just buy memory card + pendrive) with total RM51.Get form and que up like hell..see image below.

Kau nengok,beratur sampai keluar2!

Ada diantara yang beratur tak ada borang,mmg beratur sia2 sahaja la even korang dah beli barang.Sampai turn aku,baru tahu yang semua itu hanyalah tipu belaka sebab korang kene pilih sampul raya dalam box yang disediakan.Ianya mengandungi barang2 yang dipromosikan (dlm sampul).Kalau kene latop,untunglah! Kalau hanya kene keyboard protector,sapa tak hangin ye tak? So totally comment for this CRAZY SALES is SCAM! Dlm pamphlet tak ada  langsung mention yang barangan akan "DIJUAL BERDASARKAN CABUTAN BERTUAH".Mereka masih ada 3 hari lagi untuk mereka promosikan barangan2 ini,pada mereka yang diluar sana masih belum cuba.Fikir2kanlah dahulu,tp kalo nak try boleh jugak.Untung2 boleh dpt TV or IPad 2 pada harga murah,kalau tak untung dapat Keyboard Protector je la ye. :P

-Korang kire sajalah kalo 3 ribu org dtg (anggaran kasar untuk 3 hari promosi) membelanjakan RM50 minimum.Berapa untung diorang dpt? -_-"
-Lowyat patut bagi tahu dlm brochure a.k.a pamphlet that "Based on Lucky Draw".At least customer tak rasa tertipu.
-Baru berangan nak beli TV or Ipad,stress betol! >_<

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Assalammualaikum...Selamat Berpuasa!

Alhamdulilah ada kesempatan selepas sahur neh nak update pasal emas.Sorry pada yang rasa sgt2 boring entry dlm blog ini.Maaf tak ada kisah pribadi untuk dikongsikan bersama (sbb dlm blog laen) :P. Sedar tak sedar,dah nak raya dah erk,anyway nak ucapkan siap2 la. 

Selamat Hari Raya!!!~

Back on track,apa yang aku nak kongsikan disini adalah selepas entry lama " Assalammualaikum " dah bercerita pasal harga emas.Maka setelah 2 bulan,ini lagi sekali aku update pasal harga yang sangat jauh berbeza.Rugi?Jadi bermulalah sekarang,insyaallah rezeki ada dimana2 ;)

Recommended Gold price di kedai2 emas di Malaysia ;)

Double Click to ENLARGE ok :)

Inilah dia harga setelah 2 bulan,alhamdulilah...rezeki dari Allah S.W.T untuk kita kongsi bersama.Harap mana yang masih ragu2,boleh la bermula sekarang sebelum harga ini menjadi lebih mahal.Selamat Beramal! ;)

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Signs of weaker than hoped economic growth worldwide has been giving the gold price, which reached another record high today, renewed vigour and it could be heading much higher by the year end
Gold rallied to a fresh all time high of over $1640 today following a rash of poor economic data from the US, Europe and China which suggests that the global economy growth is sliding.
Despite news that the US had tentatively reached an agreement to extend the debt ceiling, this important news seems to have now been eclipsed with the markets also very much concerned that the US may see a downgrading by credit agencies. In short, persistently weak economic data coupled with rising global risk sentiment is giving a lift to gold.

The markets focus has been very much on the US over the last fortnight but not exclusively so. Italian and Spanish 10 year bond yields are back above 6% (last was 6.14% and 6.31% respectively) with many market observers seeing 7% very much as a ceiling which would trigger margin calls and potentially a crisis in those important countries.

News that both the Korea and Greek Central Banks had both acquired gold has provided a powerful indicator that investor interest is not the only factor driving the market higher. The switch into gold by Central Banks is very much a reversal of the policy a decade ago and with concerns about the ratings attached to US debt that momentum can only intensify.

Looking ahead we see the momentum amongst gold buyers being maintained and fully expect gold to achieve $1850 this year. Gold is a barometer and it is giving a very clear signal - that signal is saying that there are some deep and fundamental economic issues that remain unresolved and it does not see the political will or courage to make the changes that are necessary.  

p/s: So what im gona say?'s just NICE!!~ :P

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* Bank of Korea says it bought gold in June-July
* It declined to say if it plans to buy more gold

By Yoo Choonsik and Kim Yeonhee
SEOUL, Aug 2 (Reuters) - South Korea's central bank bought 25 tonnes of gold over the past two months in its first purchase in more than a decade, saying the time was ripe to boost its gold holding, but markets barely moved on the news.
A brittle global economic recovery and precarious debt situations in the United States and Europe have boosted the safe-haven appeal of gold, lifting bullion to a series of record highs in July, as investors and central banks chased prices higher.
The central bank of Asia's fourth-largest economy said that, with prices hovering near historic highs, gold looked less lucrative as an investment but it was the right time to buy gold because its foreign reserves had risen above $300 billion.

News of the Bank of Korea's purchase barely moved spot gold which was steady at $1,617.89 an ounce by 2236 GMT, but analysts said it was supportive of prices. Gold hit a record high of $1,632.30 on Friday.
"Any news about central banks buying gold reassures consumers and other major players who are already looking at gold as an investment," said Jeffrey Pritchard, analyst at California-based commodities futures and options brokerage Altavest Worldwide Trading.

The Bank of Korea said in a statement its latest gold purchase was valued at $1.24 billion. It did not say whether it had bought gold bullion or funds.
At 25 tonnes of gold, equivalent to 803,769 ounces, the average price paid comes to $1,543 an ounce, based on Reuters calculations.

A Bank of Korea official said it was the bank's first gold purchase since at least the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis.
"South Korea's central bank seems a little late to the party, but gold investors should continue to expect price support as central bankers around the world are underinvested in the yellow stuff," said Sean McGillivray, head of asset allocation at Great Pacific Wealth Management.
"Government austerity and a return to normalized monetary policy will be the game changer for the gold bull market. Investors and central bankers are looking to protect purchasing power, but diversifying into the currency of last resort, gold."

The latest purchase lifted the central bank's gold holding to 39.4 tonnes. The BoK said the increased gold holding would put it in 45th position in the World Gold Council's list of central banks holding gold, up from 56th previously.
The United States has the biggest gold holding in its foreign reserves, at 8,133.5 tonnes, with China at No. 6 with 1,054.1 tonnes.
The BoK declined to disclose the purchase price but said it had entrusted all of its gold holding to the Bank of England for possible use in gold lending and other related transactions in future.

During the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, patriotic Koreans collected the precious metal as part of a campaign to boost the country's foreign reserves, when it was on the verge of a sovereign default.
"The country had too small an amount of foreign reserves to diversify into gold before 2004 and was not able to buy gold between 2005 and 2007 due to concerns about the central bank's annual losses," the Bank of Korea said.
"Now that our total reserves topped $300 billion and foreign exchange markets stabilised, we judged that conditions were ripe for us to increase gold holding," it said.
The Bank of Korea would not say whether it plans to buy more gold, adding that any comments could have an impact on global markets.

Valued in U.S. dollars, the new purchase increased its gold holding to $1.32 billion from a mere $0.08 billion previously, the bank said. Still, this represents only 0.4 percent of the country's total foreign reserves.
Including the gold, South Korea's foreign reserves rose by $6.55 billion in July to $311.03 billion, equivalent to about 30 percent of the country's annual gross domestic product of just more than $1 trillion in 2010.
Of the total reserves, 88.5 percent were invested in securities, followed by 9.2 percent deposited at financial institutions and 1.2 percent held as special drawing rights, the Bank of Korea said.
South Korean foreign reserves ranked seventh in the world as of the end of June, it added. (Additional reporting by Manolo Serapio Jr. and Rujun Shen in Singapore and Frank Tang in New York; Editing by Clarence Fernandez) (Editing by Clarence Fernandez)


p/s: Gile ahh,beli main tan2 jeh,kita nak cukupkan 1kg pun bercinta weih T_T
* Gold steady after Bank of Korea purchase

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GERMAN investors continue to Buy Gold in large quantities – despite Euro Gold Prices setting new all-time records, according to a leading precious metals refiner.
"Irrespective of what the Euro is doing, German investors do not seem to be scared of the current price levels," says a note German refining group Heraeus.
The price to Buy Gold in Euros set a new intraday record Monday at €36,959 per kilogram (€1149 per ounce) – 0.4% above its previous all-time high, set on 18 July.
Heraeus draws comparisons with the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 – as well as early 2010, the period that culminated in the first Greek bailout.
"We again have a situation where good private demand is affecting delivery periods for Gold Bars. Manufacturers of bars and coins are working under severe pressure to reduce the mountain of orders."
One difference between now and then is, Heraeus notes, the current tendency to Buy Gold in larger quantities.
"Demand is mainly for the larger bars, starting from 1 ounce up to the 1 kilo bar," says Heraeus.
"This is different to the situation during the above mentioned two periods when, at times, all possible sizes and forms of gold were sold out."
Heraeus points out the supply bottlenecks are not a consequence of gold market illiquidity.
"More-than-enough raw material is available," it says.
"The bottlenecks are usually caused by insufficient production capacity."
German demand to Buy Gold bars and coins came in at 37.7 tonnes for the first three months of 2011 – more than double the figure for the same period last year – according to figures published by the World Gold Council.
Germans are not the only European investors looking to Buy Gold. News agency Bloomberg reports stores in Lisbon are selling out of Gold Coins, while South Africa's Rand Refinery – operator of the world's largest refining complex – says its gold Krugerrand sales are at the highest level for nearly a year.

Source: GoldNews

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Pelaburan dijangka beri pulangan 24 peratus setahun
PELABURAN dalam emas diunjurkan mampu memberikan pulangan sehingga 24 peratus setahun dalam tempoh tiga tahun akan datang dengan harga logam berharga itu dijangkakan mencecah AS$2,100 seauns menjelang 2014.

Ketua Strategi Pelaburan Standard Chartered Bank (Stanchart), Steve Brice, berkata permintaan bagi emas dijangkakan terus meningkat terutama dari China serta India berikutan peningkatan pendapatan boleh guna di kedua-dua negara itu.

Beliau berkata, keadaan ekonomi global yang tidak menentu berikutan masalah hutang di Amerika Syarikat (AS) dan Eropah yang berlarutan juga menggalakkan bank pusat seluruh dunia meningkatkan rizab emas masing-masing.

“Kami yakin dengan prestasi harga emas berikutan permintaannya dijangka terus meningkat kerana pelabur melihat komoditi itu sebagai pelaburan lindung nilai,” katanya pada taklimat media mengenai jangkaan pelaburan separuh kedua di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.

Brice berkata, pihaknya menjangkakan harga emas mampu mencecah paras AS$1,650 seauns menjelang akhir tahun ini.

Keadaan persekitaran kadar faedah benar yang negatif di AS juga mendorong kepada peningkatan permintaan emas kerana kebiasaannya ia sangat tinggi ketika kadar faedah benar adalah negatif, jelasnya.
“Dalam tempoh Disember 2007 hingga kini, emas mencatatkan pulangan terkumpul sebanyak 43 peratus,” katanya.

Harga emas terus didagangkan kukuh mencecah AS$1,632.30 seauns Jumaat lalu berikutan data ekonomi yang lemah di AS.

Bagaimanapun, harganya jatuh 0.7 peratus kepada AS$1,615.19 pada sesi dagangan semalam berikutan persetujuan pemimpin kongres AS untuk menaikkan had hutang dan mengurangkan perbelanjaan kerajaan bagi mengelak potensi gagal membayar hutang.

Selain emas, Brice berkata, pelaburan pasaran ekuiti juga dijangka memberi pulangan baik dalam tempoh 12 bulan akan datang.

Beliau berkata, di sebalik keadaan tidak menentu di pasaran dunia, pasaran ekuiti masih mencatatkan prestasi baik berbanding kelas aset lain.

“Pada separuh pertama tahun ini, pasaran ekuiti mampu mencatatkan aliran meningkat walaupun ada beberapa berita buruk di pasaran seperti krisis hutang di Eropah dan AS, gempa bumi di Jepun serta krisis politik di Asia Barat.

“Ini bermakna terdapat kecairan di dalam pasaran kewangan dunia ketika ini yang menggalakkan aktiviti pelaburan,” tambahnya.

Beliau berkata pasaran ekuiti di China, Korea, Taiwan dan Jepun dijangka menarik perhatian pelabur asing kerana harga sahamnya sangat murah serta menawarkan pulangan yang menarik jika dibandingkan dengan pasaran saham lain.

Sumber: Berita Harian Online

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Pelabur alih tumpuan berikutan bimbang krisis hutang di Eropah, AS berlarutan 

HARGA emas melonjak melepasi paras AS$1,600 seauns semalam, iaitu paras tertinggi dalam sejarah, berikutan belian berterusan pelabur yang mengalihkan pelaburan kepada logam berharga itu kerana bimbang masalah hutang semakin meruncing di Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat (AS).

Harga komoditi itu terus mengukuh dalam sesi dagangan pagi semalam dengan melonjak ke paras AS$1,600.10 seauns di Pasaran Jongkong London selepas menyaksikan arah aliran meningkat sejak Jumaat.

Ketua Penyelidik di Affin Investment Bank, Dr Nazri Khan, berkata ketidaktentuan terhadap penyelesaian masalah hutang di Eropah serta AS menyebabkan pelabur mengalih tumpuan terhadap emas kerana logam berharga itu dianggap sebagai pelaburan paling selamat ketika krisis. 

Beliau berkata, harga emas dijangka meneruskan arah aliran menaik dengan potensi untuk mencecah AS$1,650 seauns dalam jangka sederhana dan AS$2,000 seauns dalam tempoh dua tahun. 

“Kelemahan dolar AS dan euro berikutan kebimbangan masalah hutang yang semakin meruncing di negara ekonomi terbesar dunia dan rantau mata wang tunggal itu menyebabkan pelabur memilih untuk melabur dalam emas, sekali gus melonjakkan harganya,” katanya kepada Berita Harian semalam. 

Beliau berkata, pelabur semakin bimbang dengan perkembangan terkini di AS selepas Presiden Barack Obama dan Parti Republikan terpaksa bekerja keras pada hujung minggu lalu bagi mencapai persetujuan menaikkan paras siling hutang negara itu. 
Nazri berkata, kebimbangan pelabur kemungkinan krisis hutang di Eropah akan merebak ke Itali dan Sepanyol telah menyebabkan mata wang euro didagangkan lemah dan keadaan itu mendorong peningkatan permintaan untuk emas.

Kelmarin, Senat parti campuran bercadang membuktikan paras hutang AS dapat dikurangkan jika ia memperoleh hasil sebanyak AS$1.5 trilion hasil potongan perbelanjaan untuk tempoh sedekad. 

Jika kedua-dua pihak tidak dapat mencapai persetujuan menjelang tarikh akhir pada 2 Ogos ini, ekonomi terbesar dunia itu mungkin berdepan isu kegagalan membayar hutangnya. 

Ia adalah senario yang digambarkan Obama sebagai ‘kehancuran ekonomi’, sekali gus akan memberi kesan ketara pada peringkat global. 

Krisis zon Euro juga terus berlanjutan berikutan penggubal dasar masih gagal memperoleh pelan penyelamat kedua untuk Greece. 

Kenyataan terkini Presiden Bank Pusat Eropah (ECB) Jean-Claude Trichet bahawa ECB tidak dapat menerima kegagalan penebusan semula bon sebagai cagaran telah membimbangkan pelabur. 

Sebelum ini terdapat laporan mengatakan harga emas dijangka meneruskan aliran meningkatnya sehingga mencecah AS$2,100 seaun atau AS$67.5 (RM202.57) segram menjelang 2014, susulan permintaan kukuh pengguna dan pelabur. 

Akhir tahun lalu, harga emas ditutup pada AS$1,421.40 seauns, naik kira-kira 31 peratus berbanding 2009 didorong permintaan berterusan dari China dan jangkaan spekulator bahawa mereka akan meraih untung lebih daripadanya. 

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